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Deep Anal Drilling 4 (2012)

Posted on 2013-Jan-9 at 11:59 in porn watch hd
Before you decide to bounce to another page, let me first introduce myself. I am the former SEO director for Freeporn.com and since then I have consulted colleagues from Pornhub.com, Redtube.com, Porn.com and more. With more than 8 years of SEO experience, I have repeatedly landed porn sites on the first page of Google for top keywords like free porn, mobile porn, gay porn and many more. Below are the essentials to porn SEO. If your site is already on the 1st page for the keyword free porn, go ahead and bounce. Otherwise, you should probably read this article in full. In exchange for this awesome information, why not show some Google love by giving me a link, a digg, a +1 or I’ll even settle for a like. :-) SEO For Porno Sites Need Googd ContentStep 1 Content is Still King First thing’s first, CONTENT! Most adult tube sites rip videos teen porn from other sites and either manually post them on their site or they have automated software to do this for them. The problem isn’t necessarily that the videos are duplicated from other sites but that the titles, tags and descriptions are duplicated as well. Google hates duplicate content! Since Googlebot doesn’t actually watch the videos, they only use the titles, tags and descriptions to tell if a video is unique or if its been lifted off of another website. My tips for adding new videos are to manually edit these attributes with keyword rich textual content. Next, you will want to make sure to categorize them appropriately based on the titles and descriptions. Lets not forget that you also need to have good videos from a wide variety of porn niches because even if I get your site ranked in the top of Google, having a high bounce rate will eventually cause your site to drop again. Lastly, the more categories, the better because it helps to expand your long tail keywords. Porn Buffers are needed with Porn SEOStep 2 Setup Porn Buffers One of the biggest challenges of porn SEO is the censorship. It can be very difficult to get links, likes and bookmarks back to your adult content and for obvious reasons. This is why is it important to setup, what I call “porn buffers”. Porn buffers are sites that do not contain adult content but may have somewhat relevant subject matter that could possibly lead to a porn theme. A few topics can be relationships, sex education or scandals. After setting these pages up you can link to them and then they link to the money site. This creates a buffer between the adult site and the censored site giving you an indirect but powerful link. Twitter, Blogger and other Web2.0 sites can also provide high quality buffers for adult link building. Step 3 Directory Submissions There’s tons of paid and free directories out there. Don’t just focus on the Adult directories either, hit em all! Spend the time to manually submit to as many as you can. While submitting maximize by always filling out as much information as they allow. If it says 250 word description then use all 250 words. Be sure to categorize each submission articulately. Use only unique content each and every time to make sure the work looks and is natural. Google, Yahoo and Bing crawl even the smallest directories in effort to increase their index. Set a monthly budget of $200 and use discrimination while choosing if this directory is worth the price. You should spend on average $10 to $30 for a good listing. Step 4 Like is the New Link Social media optimization aka, SMO is a must. Until recently, off page SEO boiled down to just one thing.. LINKS but nowadays likes, +1s, diggs and etc. can be even more powerful than links if done right. The trick with social media and web2.0 (Porn SEO 2.0) is that the accounts shouldn’t just appear to be real, they must actually be real. This means instead of using SEnuke or other automated software, you need to manually setup profiles. Another important attribute to good social media optimization is to show regular activity on all your accounts. These SMO activities include making friends and followers, updating your profile with pics, posts, links and comments. Then you need to engage the community by commenting on other relevant posts and profiles, take polls, like relevant material posted on others profiles. I always tell my social media agents to picture themselves at a party, “do you want to be a wallflower or do you want to socialize and make friends?”. Many social media sites do not allow links to adult content so in these cases you will link to one of your porn buffers.

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- Deep Anal Drilling 4 (2012)


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